Undergraduate Senior Honors Thesis

The aim of this project is to have a Crazyflie micro-UAV (~50g) equipped with a low-resolution camera safely exit a room through the door from a random initial location.



Micro-UAV Platform Developed for this Project

Some other micro-UAV work

A combination of segmentation by color and the vanishing point theorem is used to select a good point to fly toward in order to exit a corn row.

The optical flow sensor available with the Crazyflie is used to navigate around an apple.

A Gesture Based Programming Scheme for the Crazyflie Micro-UAV

A ROS package allowing for gesture control of a micro-UAV using a Leap Motion controller. Gestures are compiled and saved into macros, which can then be run or called recursively from other macros.

Github Repo

Technical Report

This video shows us running a macro that contains a call to move up to 1 on the z axis. The left window is a simulated UAV, the right is what the Leap Motion is seeing, the middle small window is the classification of the gesture.

Card Sized Phone

A "smart-phone" the size of a credit card with a touch screen e-ink display. Has 3G connectiivity to support a limited, useful subset of applications (e.g. music playback, rideshare, calling, messaging, maps). Currently a work-in-progress


Github Repo

A usb plugin device for Android smartphones that allows text communication with another user over LoRA, removing the need for a cellular/wifi connection.